THE COLORS OF SUMMER 2020 - Espadrilles


May 12, 2020

Among all the sandals that we find in the wide range of the MIAS brand, we can choose from a wide variety of colors to combine this summer 2020.

Sometimes it is not easy to combine the colors of our shoes with the clothes that we like, so we have decided to help you in this, sometimes, arduous task. Let's go there!
There are some basic rules for clothing and shoe colors:

1.- Shoes and clothes must never compete. If we wear a very colorful dress with a lot of color, we should use sandals of a discreet color such as nude, one of the spring - summer 2020 colors.

2.- We must avoid the monocolor look, that is, if we want to wear colored sandals Red, mustard, etc. We can combine them with a white cowboy look, but not repeat the same color in our clothes. What you can do is use different shades. If you decide on colored sandals Kaki you can combine them, for example, with a darker green jumpsuit.

3.- If you have doubts about what color of sandal to choose for the outfit that you want to wear on a specific day, don't worry, there are wildcard colors that combine with the entire range of colors and also combine well with each other, such as nude, the black, the white, all neutral. If you choose any of these you will always be right.

As you can see in our online store, the colors of spring-summer 2020 invade us, being able to wear both beautiful colored wedge espadrilles nude as CAMILA, red color like the Bad or some very comfortable natural jute platforms of the same color as our EVA.

And how can we forget the colors that define this wonderful time of year: mustard, Kaki... that remind us of the sun, the countryside and summer plans.

We can reflect them on our feet with our lines URSULA FLOWERS, EVA, CELIA, SARA, LOLA, VERĂ“NICA in seasonal colors.

And of course to combine with any outfit all our neutral colors from our lines IRIA, ALMA, VEGA, ROCIO, NURIA, LAURA, CAMILA, MALEN, ROSA, ISABELLA, GENOVEVA, CASANDRA, ANA, ANDREA, LORENA, PATRICIA, BLANCA, IRENE, that we can also find in other spring summer 2020 trend colors.

Take a walk through all our models and discover the colors of spring summer 2020.

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