Take care of your Mine

Valencian Espadrilles


The moment you have your Mias espadrilles in your hands, you will never want them to go away. And since we understand it better than anyone and we want you to have them a lot, but a long time with you, we leave you some tips so you can enjoy your Mias for much longer. Taking proper care of bridal espadrilles, women's wedges or handmade girl's sandals is not an easy task. So ... watch out! We know you will appreciate it.

What not to do to clean women's espadrilles

 First of all, you need to know what you should never do to clean women's espadrilles. Although it is one of our most common cleaning techniques, never put your white espadrilles, or of any kind, in the washing machine.

When espadrilles, wedges or esparto sandals get wet and even more so, when they get soaked, they suffer irreparable damage. When the sole of our espadrilles, wedges or sandals absorbs excess water, the esparto swells and falls apart. The result will be an espadrille, wedge or sandal that little by little is losing threads and, therefore, consistency.

In addition to damaging the quality and even spoiling them without a solution, we will have as a result an espadrille, sandal or wedge that gives off a bad smell. As with clothes that are wet for too long, the handmade esparto sole does not have the same drying capacity as other materials. Above all, taking into account that this part of the espadrilles or wedges is braided in a traditional way. So there are areas that will accumulate moisture without finishing drying properly.

How to clean the canvas

 When cleaning espadrilles, wedges or sandals with esparto soles, we will follow two different techniques for each of its parts. In either case, the first thing you should do is place a microfiber cloth inside. In this way, it will absorb the water preventing it from impregnating the sole.

In the case that the canvas is white, as in the so fashionable bridal espadrilles, sodium bicarbonate will be our best ally against stains. Mix it in a bowl with a little vinegar. Using a nail brush, rub the stains with the mixture. Not only will the stains disappear, but the canvas will regain its white color and your bridal espadrilles will be perfect.

If the canvas is colored in your custom espadrilles, we can use a traditional bar soap or ammonia. To rub, we will use a small brush, either nail or tooth. To soften the soap, the ideal is to wet it beforehand. We passed the brush over the bar of soap, scratching it. Afterwards, we rub the canvas with the brush in circular movements. To remove soap residue, we wipe our handmade bridal or day-to-day espadrilles with a damp microfiber cloth.

In either case, do not soak the canvas or put the shoes under the tap. Whenever you need to rinse it, use a cloth and repeat as many times as necessary.

How to clean the esparto sole

 To clean the esparto sole of our custom sandals, wedges or espadrilles, we will follow the same procedure as with the colored canvas. The only difference is that before scrubbing with soap we must pass a brush to remove dust.

If we observe that there are residues, such as mud, we can remove them using a harder brush. Once this is done, we will apply the soap using a damp cloth to rinse.

Finally, when we have removed all the dirt from our custom esparto espadrilles, we will put them to dry in the open air. Make sure you place them in an area where they will not receive direct sunlight to avoid damage. Your espadrilles, wedges or women's sandals will be like new again!